Chapter Board

2018 -2019 NC Triangle Chapter Board

President – Mrs. Catherine M. Sabodish, CMA 

VP of Administration – Mr. Vance A Josey 

VP of Membership – Mr. Steve Drago, CMA, CPA 

VP of Professional Education/Past President - Ms. Jamie Long 

Treasurer – Mr. Scott A Stafford 

Secretary – Ms. Katherine A Santos-Rezendes, CMA 

Director Retention – Mr Tom G. Welsh, CMA 

Director of Program Registration – Mrs. Ann Gray 

Director of Student Activities – Mr. Timothy W Ketterman, CMA 

Director at Large - Mrs. Tanjina Khan

Director at Large – Mr. George P Golenbiewski, CMA, CPA 

Director at Large – Mr. Jedadiah Luke Chilton, CMA 

Director Website & Newsletter – Mrs. Angelica Marie Taylor, CMA & Mr. Mike Billings

Regional Council Delegate - Ms. Jamie Long